Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kwik Sew 3334

I finally finished this jacket and I must say whilst I still have things about it I will fix next time round I have worn it so many times in the past few weeks.

I wanted a jacket that I could just throw on for errands etc and this does the job beautifully. I am really happy with the comfort factor even though in this version the bust point isn't quite right. Of course no one else notices but me. To me it doesn't matter how good something looks if it is uncomfortable I won't be wearing it very often. I am so happy with how wearable it is and it goes with so many dresses,skirts and pants in my wardrobe.

I can see me making this in lots of different fabrics and think it would be nice in a white drill /linen for the warmer months. 

This is the dress I made for Shannon and Daniel's wedding back in March but I have been wearing it a lot more in winter with boots and a jacket. It really is too heavy to wear in our hot summer. I can't even remember what pattern it is now as it was traced from  a pattern Jenny had. This is the second time I have made it and I am sure it will get another look in sometime in the future.

I am currently working on New Look 6915

I am nearly done but had a hiccup with the neckband and ran out of fabric so I will need to pick something contrasting from Spotlight in the next few days. I just need to hem it and add the neckband and them I'm done.

Next up will be some quick summer tops for the Gold Coast holiday. The patterns have already been adjusted so I am hoping they will be a quick sew!!!!

Perth Museum

The winter school holidays are upon us and I say YAY. We picked a fine day and headed to the Perth Museum with our friends.

It was sooo busy and made it hard to see a lot but the kids had fun being together. I think they enjoyed going on the train and being in the city.

This group of kids get on so well and we never have any arguments or nastiness which is nice.

 There was a lot to see but also lots of people. I think Lucy and I will have to go on a school day when it is quiet so we can have a really good look around.

Rory and Dylan

Elissa and Krystal

The Three Amigos - Lucy, Christie and Tegan

Ethan and Brody

 The whole gang.
 After the museum we had lunch and the kids watched a street show and a mime. After being utterly exhausted we headed home again on the train.
It was a lovely day but boy I was tired!!!! I slept for a few hours when I got home and have had a very quiet day today.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peek Through Last Week

This past week has gone so fast with the usualy weekly stuff and a few fun things thrown in. Teaching, house duties and business stuff has been the main activities of the week.

As 1st July is the start of the new financial year James and I took the bold move to de-register for the GST. This has taken a little time to organize with calls to the tax dept and with the re-ordering of stationary but I am SO glad. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. The next month with take a little sorting but nothing I can't handle........ I look forward to the less office work I will have to do and also the bonus of not sending the tax office money every 3 months. YAY....

Wednesday evening Jess and I went to see the movie "Bridesmaid". I was hilarious and a feel great movie at the same time. I had a great time and enjoyed being with my girl.

Friday night James and I had date night at the "Swinging Pig" . We had a lovely meal and a super yummy sticky date pudding for dessert. It was cold and stormy outside and I enjoyed sitting in a quiet part of the pub with the blazing fire while we ate a scrumptious meal.
Afterwards we called in to visit Jess and Mike for a minute and then headed home to Matt and Lucy. This was the first time we had let Matt babysit Lucy while we actually went out on a date. I got to wear my Kwik Sew Jacket I made and apart from a few adjustments necessary on my next pattern I am really happy with it.

The weekend is just a quiet one. Steve and Gail were at mum's yesterday and Steve and I did some nice reminiscing of old school days and chatted about people we had forgotten about.
Today I plan to start my sewing for our Gold Coast holiday in September. Yes it is still a while away but as my sewing time is limited I want to get a head start and not feel rushed. School holidays are a week away so if I can get my sewing plan in place I hope to knock out a few garments.