Saturday, April 30, 2011

What to do Sunday

My motivation has been down a lot lately - it may be the Sandomigran that I have been taking. Yet whatever it is I need to find my mojo again.

Maybe planning is the way to go. Ok making lists may not always be the best way as a list never gets completed but maybe it will help somewhat so here goes.......

Today my plans are:

  • Get some ironing done- school uniforms are priority.....
  • Finish hemming the skirt I am making
  • Spray paint Jessica's pot
  • Make a start on my new T shirt on my sewing table
  • Do 15 minutes of house cleaning

I will be back at the end of the day to keep myself accountable!!!!!

The Royal Wedding

The wedding of William and Catherine was just beautiful. This will be an event for forever sticks in my mind as did Diana's wedding day and Fergie's too. Lucy and I sat through it all whilst Matt and James went to the movies.

Kate was simply beautiful, elegant and classic. What really struck me though was that she was so confident and enjoying every moment of her wedding; a stark contrast to Diana who looked scared to death. I think she knew that Charles was never going to give Camilla up and she was like a lamb to slaughter.

Kate's family carried themselves so well and her brother spoke so beautifully.



You could tell that William loved her so and will protect her. He is his mother all over and I was saddened that Diana was not there to see her beloved son get married. She would have been the proudest mother. I loved seeing Prince Harry and what a little devil he is. He is ALL about fun and cheekiness and such an imp. I loved it when he and William entered the church and Harry took off his hat and ruffled his hair back up - such a modern young man thing to do.

When I saw Kate come into the church it was hard not to see Princess Grace. The elegance was evident. Classic beauty never fades.

William and Kate will revive the Monarchy and marriage and  bring it into the modern age.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Long Weekend Painting

Easter this year coincided with ANZAC day so we had an extra long weekend to get things done around here.

After the leaving of Jess Matt claimed her room but he wasn't so keen on the pink walls. It was time to change that.

Here you can see the contrast of the two colours

I wasn't so sure when we first started, the colour looked so dark but of course it dried lighter.

Here is the finished effect and I LOVE it.... The white dado rails really break it up and add a touch if elegance whilst still being a teenage boy's cave.

I love the texture of it and it covers less that perfect walls extremely well!

We don't have a lot of the holidays left and I am disappointed as I haven't done anything I wanted to do yet. I had hoped to sew a lot and get a few home chores done and catch up with some friends. This morning Sarah came over with Rory and Ethan and it was nice to see them all and have a good laugh.

Today is the Royal Wedding of William and Kate so my afternoon and evening are taken up with watching the proceedings. I think I will put the TV on in my sewing room and sew a skirt until the Ceremony and then I will watch on the big screen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Autumn Holidays

My Dad emailed me this photo of a recent family lunch at my favourite restaurant to eat. It's not often we get a photo of all of us together. Love it!!! Unfortunately, Jess was at work and Gail was taking the photo :(

Yay we are now on our Autumn school holidays and I am so glad. I REALLY needed this as I was starting to get stressed. I need a LOT of quiet time otherwise I become overwhelmed and the school term does not allow for any down time at all.

Our first day yesterday was spent at the Naregebup Environment Centre with Jules and Ethan. I met Jules on the EDSAUS forum and found we were both from Perth and so managed to organize a meet up. Ethan is 7 and a very delightful little boy. Lucy really enjoyed spending time with him yesterday.
They were the first people we have met with EDS in real life. It was great to compare and we had so many similar experiences that other people would never understand.

Lucy had such a great day and was so interested in all the things at the centre. We visited the butterfly house, touched a snake and tried to catch a fish. As a home schooled child socialization is always a concern and often a question many people will ask about. Well I am so proud of my girl. She can socialize with anyone and have fun. Her and Ethan had a great day playing together and even went off exploring by themselves. Lucy certainly doesn't have any social issues.

Today I need to get onto some home chores. Washing needs doing and the house needs a good clean. Oh where do I start?????

Tomorrow we plan to start painting Matt's room. This boy can't sleep in a pink space much longer!!

We decided to paint it a Dulux Stone which has a bit of depth to it. He has picked a blue and I hope it will look good with the off white dado rail.

I am sure the house will be in a complete uproar while we are hosting Easter Sunday lunch, but, oh well that's life around here!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Great Appointment

 This past Tuesday Lucy attended the oral surgeon at Charlies to discuss the removal of the four baby teeth that have decided to stay put in her mouth not allowing any room for her adult teeth to break through. I was worried about how they were going to remove the teeth but had a pleasant surprise when they offered to put her to sleep in hospital.

She has been booked for May 12th and will need to be at King Eddies at 7.45am for morning surgery. I am so relieved that this has been sorted so quickly and the staff were just lovely.

Lucy is comfortable with the plan and I just pray now that she stays well and doesn't catch any colds prior to the anaesthestic.

Once the teeth are removed they can then start the orthodontic work. I can't believe that all three of my kids have had such extensive work done, but am so greatful for OCHWA and the money we have saved over the years for their treatment.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Boy in my Life

It's not very often I get a great picture of my beautiful boy. At 15 years of age he is not interested in getting his photo taken to appear on my blog. My dad emailed this picture he had taken on a recent dinner out at The Village Chinese restaurant (my favourite place to eat ) with the family.

I LOVE this picture of me and one of my favourite men. He is kind, loving and a lot of fun to be around.

We also share a special bond- I am his "Annster" and I love it!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Autumn Clean

Now the weather has been a little bit more pleasant I had some energy to get some cleaning done. My carpets haven't been cleaned for a while so I was glad to get onto this. This is the before not looking too bad here but if you looked close it wasn't so nice.

Afterwards they smelt so much nicer and looked a whole lot better.

I managed to do Lucy's room and my room so now every carpet in the house has been done.

I was so surprised that I completed this task without a twinge of pain. I have been going to the physio gym now for a couple of weeks and I am glad to say I think it is helping. There would have been no way a few months ago I could have done all three rooms without being in agony. In fact I probably wouldn't have even contemplated it.

Another thing I have wanted to do for a while is get to know my camera. James gave it to me last year for mothers day and to this day I have learnt nothing about it. I could point and shoot and even that was pretty bad. I took an hour today to read the manual and found some interesting settings. I used the "greenery" setting to capture these few pics.

I look forward to learning some more and being able to take much better photos in the future. And of course no photo shoot would be complete without the beautiful face of my precious Lucy.

The Boy's New Room

After the big move of 2011 it was time to re-locate Matt into Jess's old room. He was happy about that as it is a much bigger space but not so happy about the pink walls. I am hoping to paint it a more appropriate teenage boy colour over this Easter break. I am looking at using a textured paint to add some depth and these walls have a lot of bumps so it may camouflage it well.

It definitely needs a male vibe to it

We haven't painted with a textured paint before so it may be a challenge but I am sure will be fun.

I am looking forward to doing some home decorating around here.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And on the 65th Day it Rained

We woke yesterday morning to rain and it was just lovely. It hasn't rained officaially for 64 days but in my book it has been a whole lot longer. This has been the longest and hottest summer, even the heat lovers were wanting it to end. Now I really do not like the heat and I have been longing for some cooler days to appear. I love to feel the breeze on my face. The rain just freshens everything up but we need a lot more to do that, it's sunny again today - cooler but sunnier.

For the past 3 years or so now I have been having a LOT of trouble with headaches. They are coming in about 6 week blocks and last year was just horrendous with one after the other. This year has been great so far. I had been referred to an ENT specialist who ruled out sinus issues and then I was referred to a neurologist. Yesterday I had that appointment and it went well. The diagnosis was migraines and funnily enough after the appointment guess what - I had the beginnings of a headache - the first for 2011. The Dr explained how it is changes in things that the brain doesn't like or extremes, for example, lack of sleep or food or too much sleep/alcohol etc. One very interesting point he made was the change in weather particularly the barometric pressure. This has made so much sense to me. Over the years I always seem to get these episodes just after Easter and now I know it is the change in weather. Funny how we had a complete change in weather yesterday and my headache started. I am sooo glad to finally know what is causing all this pain. Yes it doesn't get rid of the pain but it helps to know WHY!!!  The Dr will forward a plan to Dr Wood and we will see if we can manage it, he explained how I must take mediacation straight away as otherwise the episode will last as it has been for the few years and it becomes very difficult to shake. We will also discuss preventers and other pain relief.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A Bird Has Flown the Nest

It's funny how life changes when you least expect it !!! I would have never thought six months ago that my 19 year old daughter would have moved out of home let along moving in with a boy. Well the love bug hit and Mikey bought a unit and now they are living together.

Our weekend was filled with moving furniture both to Jess's new house and within our own.

My two girls that I love to bits at the new abode

Of course a very special dad always saves the day and puts all the furniture together whilst Mikey was at work.

The first meal at the new home - had to be a takeaway as the fridge hasn't arrived yet

I sure do hope they will be very happy in their new home. It will take a while for me to get used to Jess not being here. I will miss the conversation we have together as two adults yet I know our relationship will get even better as I  will no longer have to nag her about cleaning her room etc. I am so proud and thankful that I have such a responsible and loving daughter and know that she is going to have the most awesome future.

It's so difficult to comprehend that you gave birth to this child and that nearly 20 years have gone past in just a blink of an eye. I look at Lucy and just don't want her to get any older. My it will be a sad day when number two and three leave the nest.

Shaniels wedding

It's been a while..... I have now made my blog private. There was stuff I wanted to say and keep records of that I didn't want to make public. Not so much from blog friends but more so real life people that may be reading. Part of me wants to be public and part wants to stay private. Maybe I need two blogs??

I have a lot of catching up to do and firstly I will start out with Shannon and Daniel's wedding on the 19th. It was the most perfect day for my daughter to be a bridesmaid.

Jess looked sooo beautiful and did a fabulous job. Jordan looked beautiful too. I was so excited to see Jess all dressed up and GROWN UP !

Jess's friends from work Noni, Bree and Raewyn. They all looked so pretty.

Here comes the bride.

The setting of Penguin Island was just perfect

This cute little girl called Abby was the flower girl

Both Shannon's dress and the wedding cake were made by her grandma and the funny thing was her grandma made our wedding cake over twenty years ago.

The table decorations were so pretty and different from most weddings I've been too.

The happy couple

The summer lunch was so yummy and it was a fun reception with lots of great company.