Monday, September 5, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had the most lovely father's day. It was quiet but just what we needed. It started out with us cooking a full breakfast for James and present opening.

Last year when James and Jess were holidaying in Melbourne they visited the zoo and James managed to get this great photo of a tree kangaroo with her baby in her pouch. I decided it would be a great picture for our home and so had it put onto a canvas for father's day.

We just hung around home for the day doing bits and bobs and I managed a small amount of time in my sewing room tracing a pattern for a top.

As we are off on holidays at the end of the month we decided not to go out for dinner on this father's day.

Lucy had fun just jumping in the garden while the sun shined. The hint of spring is upon us and the days feel a little warmer. I think I need to get some sun on my body before we head off on holidays as my skin is so white after winter. I don't want to blind all the Queenslanders with my white as white skin- ha !!!

I love this  photo of my sweetie.

 Jess  and Mikey came over for dinner and we enjoyed KFC and  a lovely glass or two of wine together. It was so nice us all being together and having fun.  They gave James some money for him to purchase his favourite thing - some DVD's.

I hope everyone else had a great Father's Day !!

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