Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gold Coast Day 1

Well not quite the GC just yet but today we set off on our journey. As I am a very poor traveller and we would have had to be up very early in the morning we decided to stay the night at a motel close to the airport. Matt finished school at lunchtime and once ready we headed off. Along with all our luggage and Lucy's wheelchair we travelled by train to the city and then caught a connecting bus to our motel. I was very surprised as to how easy it was and am so glad we did it this way.
We are staying at the Comfort Hostel in Belmont which to say the least is very basic - not even a window to look out of !!!! Oh well, it is serving a purpose.

We had tea at the Hungry Jacks across the road and am now settling down for the evening. We have played cards and are just hanging out  before catching an early bedtime. We will be up early, have breakfast and then be on our way. I cannot wait to see the Gold Coast!!!

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