Friday, September 30, 2011

Gold Coast 2011 - Day Two

We have had an extremely long day travelling and am pooped  but it was great. We were picked up at the motel by taxi just after 8am and at the airport within a few minutes. After checking in and sorting Lucy's wheelchair we headed upstairs where Mum, Dad and Rob were waiting for us. It wasn't too long before we boarded the plane and I was ecstatic to NOT be feeling nauseous. Staying near the airport was worth every penny. As Lucy has a disability we were near the front of the plane and allowed to use the toilets in business class which was great!! No trekking to the back of the plane and queuing for ages.

Early on in the flight we discovered a very unwell man on the plane and it was in his best interests to get off the plane so we had to divert to Adelaide which added some extra time to our day. This caused us to miss our connection to Cooloongatta from Sydney but luckily there was another flight so we were on our way soon after.
We finally arrived at our hotel at 9.20pm and the first thing I did was go out on the balcony and breathe in the wonderful sights and sounds of Surfers Paradise. It was like going home to the most wonderful place, the views are just amazing. We had a quick bite to eat and now it's time to hit the sack for I am sure tomorrow we will have some mega fun to deal with.

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