Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11 - 10 Years on

I think just about every adult and even some children can recall where they were when the awful events of New York city unfolded. 

I was a thirty something mum with three young kids so I had headed off to bed early (it was nightime here in Australia) the next morning I woke up and could hear James watching the news and I heard a plane had flown into a building in New York. My first reaction was how awful but thought it was a small two seater plane or something that has lost control. Boy was I wrong!!!!
As I came into the family room I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the TV screen. Jess was nearly 11 years of age and home from school sick that day- we just sat and watched all day in utter disbelief.

I know lots of Aussies had still been awake the night before and saw it as breaking news and they said they just sat up all night watching everything unfold.

No - one could believe what they were seeing. How could this happen to a country like the U.S.? Could this happen to us here in Australia?

The pain of loved ones soon became apparent as they searched for family and friends. The heroics of the fire department and other emergency agencies just absorbed us. The looks of victims faces said it all......... How could this be?????

10 years on, those families remember their loved ones and are probably still in disbelief. I hope they know that the world is with them and praying that their grief will never have to be felt by any other human being on this planet at the hands of terrorists.

The world got changed forever, but America and it's allies will never give up and are stronger than ever.

Thanks to god my children get to live in a safe place with democracy.  

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